Sep. 10th, 2010

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One of my dearest friends switched to DW; so here I am, staring at the blank page wondering what do I say... Well, I'm Wyntre and I suffer from wanting too much out of life. I have a list a million miles long of things I want to do, things I want to see and stuff I want to experience. My obsessions change daily and my love never ends. I collect way too many different kinds of thing. I adore music,books, movies, video games, art, photography etc etc. My life is chaos both on and offline. I've been in school forever, I love to learn new stuff.. but hate when I'm supposed to reguritate information. I think in pictures, yet am not very good at drawing. I love to capture moments; freeze them in time to remember always. I love using my imagination. I love to travel and plan to go to every continent in the world. Already underway. I am an underwater photographer. though am still looking for a good camera to achieve more success in this endevor. I do not care about mondane things like spelling and captializing things.. though I try to anyways so my writing isnt so obscure that its not understood. I tend to go on rants at times and sometimes what i find amazing is something that is just not understood. I suffer from depression at times, and am fairly optimistic for a pessimist. I love to dance, though I dont do it for show, but for my own love of music. If it wasnt for music I prolly wouldnt be alive right now.
But i am, art is the blood of my life and music is the beat that keeps me going! LOL I am sooo rambling.
So I will just end it there.. so until next time Adios


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