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My day today started with the annoying buzzing of my alarm clock. I worked late last night, so of course I had an early shift this morning. Sadly no coffee this morning, but i had my breakfast drink and out the door I go. Today it was Birthday Massacre on the way to work. =) At work I got to learn in photo, training time :) I helped a few people get thier photos, but it wasn't that busy of a day partly because of the construction (which makes getting to work a pain)and partly because of the Packer game. So I helped go threw the grocery section throwing away old food and restocking the shelves. I apparently grabbed the wrong sandwich this morning. So no lunch for me. And Rob was upset I took his sandwhich.
I took the route threw town to avoid the Packer traffic, I guess we won. I'm not a sports fan really, so missing the game wasnt a big loss. I did take my dad to our first game last year. It was fun. Anyways, I made it home, made some mac and cheese followed by ice cream =)
I've been watching Dexter the rest of the night. I know I should be cleaning or studying, but i'm tired, my pills havnt gotten into my system yet to make me feel less tired. I want instant... but thats not life, so I just try to be good with taking them every day and hope that they kick in soon. I'm tired of being tired lol. I'm tired of feeling depressed. lol Though most people have no idea of how I truely feel. They see this smiley happy looking silly girl. The ones who know me a little, just think i'm strange. Few people I let truely inside. Its so dangerous to let someone so close. They tend to rip out my heart and shred it. Its very tiresome to repatch ones heart. Little stitches, and each time makes it harder to trust another. I am Jaded. I know. Yet somehow I still hope and let others in.. maybe I'm a glutton for punishment... see hope where there really is none.
Meh, so instead I poor myself into my projects.
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