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What a week.
I had my awards ceremony on Tuesday. Yay for a scholarship! I also made a contact at the airlines so I have a reference for after I graduate to possibly work there =)

On the downside, I've been feeling poorly since then. In fact I left work early last night to come home and rest.. and I ended up having to do a quick clean of the apt because the landlords were coming this morning. *sigh* So I finally got my room where its tollerable to live in now...
and I wake up to doors slamming... the vaccuum going off... and it wasn't even 8am... I know.. my alarm was set for 8... *sigh* When he's sleeping I'm as quiet as possible... and its during daylight hours... so no cranking my music and dancing around the apt lol... but... eh I won't even go there...
So yeah... I come out of my room and he's putting up a tree... so apparently we have a tree out in the living room lol MY little one is in my room... still waiting for me to decorate it. My mom got me these pretty blue ornaments and silver ones... and i have white lites... He went out and spent a bunch of money on these gold ones... I wouldnt care... but he complains about money... bills are unpaid... and I go without alot to keep the bills paid... *sigh*
So I left for work... and we had the big boss come in... and somehow she didn't see me... they passed by me 3 times lol So I didnt have to answer questions or anything... and my boss was like... where were you? LOL I was right in front of him stocking the cleaning supplies!!
So the day at work wasnt too bad. I came home instead of going to school...to work on my final... which isn't going so great... and I find that my roommate only put 3 ornaments on the tree... apparently he got bored. LOL I dont get the guy... but whatever
So I've been sitting in my room for 8 and half hours working on this with a small break to eat... its finally set up and now i have to do the rest lol.
So tomorrow I work at the crack for me.. and then will head down to my folks.. I keep hoping my friend B will call me and we can hangout... but I have not heard from him since last weekend... so I prolly won't see him... but I keep hoping. I really like him... he seems to understand things that I have a hard time putting into words. He has this same love for the ocean and water that I have... and we talk so easily... except in person... in person we get nervous...
I am afraid I will fall for him... Its not an option of something that can happen lol... but I feel like he could be one of the few that I can call best friend... I have these dumb fears... like touching him will make him disappear.. dumb right? Its just every good guy friend I've had... something bad has happened... and they evaporate out of my life.. and leave this hole in my heart.. and these are not even the ones I was "in" love with... just the ones I loved. I know how I prolly sound... but I don't care.. In the end, their partner in life hates me and makes them stop being friends with me... some have fallen in love with me and couldn't bear to be around someone who can't love them back the way they need. Hold my heart to your ear... you will hear the ocean..
Weird thing happened... one of these guys...a dear friend... wrote me a one lined letter... thank you. I had congratulated him on his engagement. The 3 closest guy friends I ever had... they will all be married... and I wasn't invited to a single one of their weddings...see how I rank in their lives... at least that is something that will not happen with B... he's already married. Anyways... gonna spend the weekend working on this project... a holiday party and working. I hope I can finish this project this weekend so I don't have to worry about it anymore. One week till my birthday... this year is going by fast.
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