Sep. 22nd, 2010 10:03 pm
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Tonight is Mabon. I bought some lovely bread to celebrate, since I had no time to bake bread, which is my custom. I also poured myself a nice glass of Gold wine. Yum. Today was very long, and its not done yet. I still have my homework sitting next to me to be done. I worked the early shift today, and it wasnt that busy but I kept coming up against walls, so I kept havingt to page a manager to find out what I was doing wrong. lol I felt so annoying and one of the managers seemed a little annoyed at first, but then i think he realized how nervous I was and finally smiled. I kept thanking him. lol. I think he thought I was an idiot..but it was so early and my brain didnt seem to register things lol. Oh well. So after work I went home quickly changed and drove back down to school. I forgot to leave my camera with my friend who is leaving tmw for Seattle with his sister. He doesnt have one and wanted to borrow it to take pictures, so I left it with his mom, and then went to my other friends apt to give her money for the ticket to see Dresden Dolls in Chicago. I am really excited. I can't believe they are touring and I can go see them!!!! So after a quick encounter there, I headed over to Half priced books and looked for the book series that I want to get my dad for xmas/Yule. They had a couple in the set, and I put a reserve on them as well as a wishlist for when the other ones come in. I also put a few other ones in for series i am missing parts of. they also had the anita blake series, so I got myself the first 2 books. I have a few friends who love this series, so i want to check it out and see if i fall in love too lol. I then pulled myself out of the bookstore, which is very difficult... i adore books, and went to the dollar tree to pick up a few cards to send my grandparents, and mom. plus a cute one for my sister for the silly thing i am doing for her to pick her mood up. =) i really hope she likes it. I found a bear that has her name :) oh so much fun. anyways i finally made it home, ate some dinner and now am munching on my bread and drinking my wine. I decided to write this before i start my dreaded it computer concepts homework. I need to hand it in tmw to get some feedback and hopefully not fail my test next week. Meh. I am not gonna do a meme thing today... I'll push it til tmw.


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