Sep. 13th, 2010

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Next up is my parents. I was blessed at having amazing parents. Yes we do fight and have our disagreements, but we have been through hell several times and it just brings us closer together. Alot of people don't understand our connection. My parents are my friends. They are my mountains that I cling to when everything else fades away. I know that no matter what happens, what choices I make they will be there to support me.

My Dad is an artist, a rock star and a gamer lol. He has dreads...yeah you read that right. My dad has long hair that now is in dreads. He's retired, but not really. He's in a band playing the bass but he can play almost any insterment you can think of. He has been on a painting kick lately and is amazing. I wish I had his talent in either aspect, but its where i get my appreciation of and art from. We also watch horror movies together. B ones! LOL we also watch the good ones. He's been rocking away since before I was born and will be long after we leave this earth. It is who he is. He has this amazing 12 string guitar that he plays his own songs on along with cover to ones he can remember. He is all self taught and I am very proud of him. He also carves. I have a little snowman he carved and a goddess necklace. He also made me 2 penticals I requested :D One is burned and the other is actually fully carved out. He has a few trees hes made, 3d pictures, angels and other statues. I call him popui. I got the name from Junglebook...its when the little boy is calling for his dad...and it just stuck lol.

My Mom is a florist, herbalist and cook. She is quite amazing as well. She has several of her own gardens and is going to school for her degree in herbalism. She was a florist forever, but now is more on verge of something new. She is always looking for new herbs and healthy stuffs for us to try and treat/cure our illnesses we run across. Most of the time its successful and if its not, she keeps looking. She has created a meat that isnt beef so we won't get ill and can still enjoy hamburgers, spaggettii and tacos etc. She does so much, I wonder where she gets the energy. I watch more "girly" movies with her. Though I do watch a majority with both of them. I share my obsession of movies with them, though sometimes it takes awhile to get them to watch ones they dont like the names of lol.

Both my folks are very openminded and easy going. They have offered their home to a few of my sisters and my friends when they had no place to go. They give with no thought of return. All they ask is for a thank you and respect. As long as my friends respect them, they are welcome there. I even had friends go visit my folks when i was out of the country. I find this funny, but I know how amazing they are and love that my friends love them as much.

I can say without a doubt that my folks love eachother through and through. Someday I hope that I will find something like what they have.


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