Sep. 12th, 2010

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Got Love Songs Killing me Away..

So my friend sent me this meme thingy to help me write. The second listing is "your first love"
Its really hard to remember my first love... I think it was water, I loved to swim. I was a fish in water lol. Though I am sure this is not what its asking for. I really love water, the ocean... ah the sea how much i miss thee...
So I have liked alot of guys in my life, as I am assuming this means romantic love. I remember my first kiss, my first french kiss, and the first kiss I actually wanted. Funny enough, the first kiss I wanted is also the first guy I loved. He has a special spot in my heart for always.
He was my best friend, which is funny since we didnt have all that much in common, yet we hungout everyday doing silly stuff. Walking around, talking about everything, drinking coffee it seems small but it was amazing times. I will always remember his blue eyes. The first time i met him, we picked him hitchiking down a very dark road, me and my friends where driving around before a mask party, so here we were with painted on masks, crazy and hyper seeing this young guy walking down the road with a duffel bag. So we pulled over and offered him a ride. It was his birthday and he was walking to his own party. Later we wished we stayed at his party, ours ended up being very very boring so we bailed and roamed around creating our own fun lol. Ah memories. Through a crazy set of events I ended up seeing him again when a group of us went out for coffee. He just sat there stairing, then finally said that he was trying to think of something interesting to say, which made me laugh. It wasnt til almost a year later that we ended up dating. He could make me laugh even when the world was shattering all around me. He had a way of making me feel like I was the only one in the world. He even asked me to marry him. I was in love, but I said no. I wasn't ready for marriage. I wanted to travel, to experience life before I settled down. Alot happened in the next month and he broke my heart. We were young and he was influenced by friends. Circumstances just seemed to go wrong for us and we went our seperate ways.
Funny thing is he showed back up in my life 5 years later. Still in love with me; but I was with a new guy. Now he's married with a kid.
Ahh memories.


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